Zapad-18 Heating Up!

A few points of interest connected with Zapad-18 or not.

Russian naval forces involved in Zapad-18 are estimated at 300 warships of various types.

The Russian squadron in the Mediterranean off Syria has swelled from its normal 15 warships to 25 platforms, including a missile cruiser, two missile frigates, a destroyer, and two attack submarines and 30 combat aircraft.

At least three Russian TU-160 strategic bombers have left their airfield in Engels, Russia headed towards the Mediterranean for possible strikes against rebels in Idlib, Syria.

In the Pacific, some 28 Russian warships have passed through the La Perouse Strait in the Sea of Japan and as many as 40 platforms are underway.

Interestingly, at least three trains carrying Russian equipment, most notably T-62 main battle tanks have been brought to the disputed borders of Ukraine. The US State Department has warned that Russia is close to annexing the Azov Sea.

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