Trudeau's Record on Terrorism from a Public Policy Perspective

In Public Administration you judge a government by what it says, what it does, and how it spends taxpayer’s money. This is as true of the Trudeau government, as it is all past Canadian governments. In terms of confronting terrorism, the Trudeau government’s record speaks for itself.

  • On coming to power, the Trudeau regime minimized Canada’s campaign against the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq by pulling back our CF-18 fighter-bombers and moved to a training mission thereby weakening the coalition and handing ISIS a Strategic Victory.

  • It paid Omar Khadr, a convicted Al-Qaeda terrorist and murderer, who took up arms against Canada and her allies in Afghanistan, $10.5 million tax free.

  • The Trudeau government appointed one of Khadr's Lawyers a Judge.

  • They refused to label terror attacks in Canada as what they are, terrorist attacks, with the exception of the Quebec City Mosque attack.

  • In Statement’s about terrorist outrages abroad, the Trudeau government is loathed to mention terrorism, the terrorist entity, or type of terrorism involved.

  • The government refers to the Mali mission as a peacekeeping mission when it is a UN-mandated enforcement mission against Islamic terrorists. In fact, it is the deadliest mission in the world.

  • Trudeau’s trip to India was marred when the government took a known and convicted Khalistan terrorist to reception/dinner.

  • It stripped away a Citizenship and Immigration measure in Bill C-6 that would remove dual Canadian citizens of their citizenship if found guilty of Terrorism or Treason offences among other serious crimes.

  • Trudeau met with Joshua Boyle, a former in-law of the Khadr family, who was later charged with a string of serious crimes.

  • The Trudeau regime has allowed former ISIS fighters and their families to return to Canada without prosecution under Canadian law.

  • The government refuses to enforce and protect Canadian Borders.

Based upon what it says, what it does, and how it spends its money in confronting terrorism, one could conclude that the Trudeau government is either grossly negligent or incompetent on the national security file, suffers from an extreme case of cognitive dissonance, is soft on terror, or has adopted a policy of appeasement. Canadians can judge for themselves where the Trudeau government is on the terrorism file. Just saying….

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