Syrian Crisis Strike Update

The US, France and UK struck three targets last night all focused on Syria’s chemical weapons capacity as well as command centers directly related to the deadly Douma attack around 4 am local time.

The attacks were geared to erode some of Syria’s chemical weapons capability without collateral damage and civilian casualties. The Pentagon stated that targets included the scientific research center in the Barzeh suburb of Damascus, a chemical weapons storage facility west of Homs, a chemical weapons equipment storage facility, and a command post near Homs. All targets were successfully hit and destroyed and there are only three reported casualties. At least 105 missiles were fired by the US-led team in coordinated strikes with the full support of NATO member countries. Syria tried to shootdown approximately forty of the long-range cruise missiles, but all attempts failed, and there is no evidence Russian air defenses attempted to engage in-coming rockets.

In effect this was an operation focused on deterring future attacks and sending a message to Syria, Russia and Iran. Russia, Syria, and Iran condemned the retaliatory attack, and demanded an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, and it appears all sides have now pushed back from further escalation.

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