Trudeau Government Must Charge Canadian ISIS Fighter Now in Face of CBC Documentary “The Way out!”

Back in the Spring, it was reported as the Islamic State neared the end of its brutal, genocidal Caliphate in Iraq and Syria, that foreign fighters from the West would pull on the ‘heart strings’ of Western democratic societies to bring them back home and save their miserable lives from ‘local justice. ‘

Key to achieving that objective, was Western liberal media, that would be easily motivated to tell stories of their plight and capture at the very hands of the people that they raped, murdered, enslaved and brutalized for three years. So now we have in Canada a documentary, “The way out” set to air on CBC on Sunday telling the story of one Canadian woman’s struggle to find and bring her ISIS terrorist daughter home from Syria and Iraq along with her two young children born in the ISIS Caliphate. The ISIS terrorist left Canada when she was 19-years-old of her own free will to join and fight with ISIS against Canadian and allied troops battling the terrorist menace on land and in the air. Now the Canadian ISIS fighter has been captured by allied Kurdish forces and Canadian officials are trying to gain her and her children’s freedom and return to Canada. No doubt to coincide with the airing of the documentary being pumped by the CBC. The documentary would probably be a ‘real tear jerker’ if not for the fact that this 19-year-old woman betrayed her country with Canadian soldiers on the field of battle and joined a terrorist group fighting a genocidal campaign against the people of Iraq, Syria and now the world.

Let’s keep in mind that these returning ISIS members have been told to carryout suicide attacks in their home countries, and that a key component of any terrorist campaign or war is the propaganda psychological effort now playing out in sympathetic Western liberal media. Thus, my immediate but not only question given that several sections of Canadian criminal law and potentially international law have been violated here, is when will the RCMP and CSIS go to do their jobs and go to the CBC with a warrant and gather information for a criminal trial on this ISIS terrorist’s presumed return to Canada? Not all of ISIS foreign fighters, that are now captured in Iraq and Syria, and in foreign prisons, were ‘cooks and bottle washers.’ They were not ‘piano players.’ They were cold-heart brutal terrorists embarked on genocide and fighting their own country’s military forces in the field. The ‘penguin defense’ that ‘we were only following orders’ went out at Nuremburg. For there to be any kind of justice, there must be retribution. Sixty or so Canadian ISIS members and their families have returned home to safety in Canada after having been engaged in committing horrendous crimes abroad. These ISIS terrorists must be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of Canadian law.

Canadians must ask what is next under this soft on terror and crime Trudeau liberal administration, are we going to open the prison gates to those in Canada’s federal penitentiaries who have committed similar violent crimes on Canadian soil, and been charged, tried, and found guilty and lawfully imprisoned. Why are dangerous criminals different from brutal Canadian ISIS terrorists that fought abroad against Canadian values and interests not to mention our brave military and allies and committed crimes against Canada and humanity?

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