Prime Minister Trudeau Accepting Home Returning ISIS terrorists Compromises Canadian and North Ameri

Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau’s soft on terrorism approach and the Liberal government’s narrative that comes with it, continues at the expense of all Canadian’s rights, freedoms, and safety.

Late last week it emerged that Canada had allowed 60 ISIS fighters to return home and go about their business as the Government of Canada pitched a half-baked re-integration/re-habilitation program for murders, torturers, rapists and enslavers as a reason for inaction. Most of our allies are either out with ‘kill lists’ or are lawfully detaining their ISIS fighters for criminal trial on return. Some of our allies are even refusing to accept their passports as they attempt to re-enter their home countries. But not Canada, even though we have High Treason, Treason, and Terrorism related offenses in the Criminal Code of Canada. It was only after the government introduced watered down counter-terrorism legislation in the form of C-59 and Question Period yesterday in the House of Commons that the government said that these returning ISIS terrorists and their families were under close surveillance and that the government was gathering evidence for trials. So much for the re-integration/re-habilitation excuse of just days before, but this is a pattern of behavior of this Liberal government.

On coming to power the Trudeau Liberals pulled Canada’s CF-18 fighter aircraft from the US-led Coalition bombing campaign in Iraq and gave ISIS a strategic military victory. In almost every major terror attack since coming to power the Prime Minister’s statements have been reluctant to use the words “terrorist” and “terror attack.” When Canada had an ISIS suicide bomber primed and ready to attack targets in Ontario the government sat on the matter and hid it from Canadians for 24-48 hours. The government gave one of our most infamous al-Qaeda terrorists a $10.5 million-dollar tax free settlement for abuses he received post capture fighting Canada and her NATO allies in Afghanistan on a UN-mandated mission. Then the government moved swiftly to cheat a US serviceman’s war widow and children from a rightful legal claim on the monies. In the Prime Minister’s limited understanding of terrorism is the view that the ISIS so-called ’lone wolves’ are just mentally ill, and that terrorism is about the rich people of the world versus the poor people in some half-baked Marxist interpretation of the world, and that religion and Islamic extremism is not part of the equation. The Prime Minister has been so loathed to tackle or understand the ISIS issue that in the aftermath of the ISIS attacks in Brussels that took 30 lives and gravely injured 270 people of our NATO ally that Mr. Trudeau announced, “Canada is not at war with ISIS.”

Therefore, it is not a great surprise that the government of Canada that threw its borders open to illegal migrants resident in the US, would quietly welcome home its ISIS terrorists, and let them go about their business in peace and harmony, that they only months earlier stole from innocents abroad in Iraq and Syria including women and children in organized genocide. To date the government believes that it has let 60 returning, battle-hardened ISIS terrorists and their families return home to Canada. There are an estimated 180 Canadians who left the country to fight for the ISIS terrorist cause of a new Islamic State Caliphate in Iraq and Syria and beyond. Twenty percent of them are women like the two female ISIS fighters captured Mosul, Iraq, on its fall. All, battle-hardened and tested in an organized genocide of every minority group that they confronted on the battlefield in the Middle East. Now that things are dying down in Iraq and Syria, ISIS has spread its wings and moved into Africa and Asia, and moving back home to Europe and North America. The 60 or so ISIS terrorists that the government knows about and that has returned home to Canada and been allowed to go about their business as though nothing happened, is about to double, or triple in size, based again on what the government knows. There are almost certainly other Canadian citizens out there that have traveled abroad to engage in terrorism that the government does not know about and who will join in the radicalization of ten times their total number for ‘lone wolf’ and cell orchestrated terror attacks in Canadian cities.

The Prime Minister and his 'courtiers in Prime Minister's Office and cabinet have to come to grips right now with one key take away, the Islamic State Caliphate may have disintegrated in Iraq and Syria, but the dream remains alive in its supporters, and every ISIS fighter who returns home is a potential suicide bomber or assassin, and Christmas is coming.

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