Beware on Bastille Day in Paris and Other French Cities on One Year Anniversary of Nice Attack

Beware on Bastille Day in Paris and Other French Cities on One Year Anniversary of Nice Attack

On the terrorism front, the Iranian Foreign Ministry slammed an Ontario court’s decision to uphold a US court ruling against the Islamic Republic and holding it responsible for terrorism.

Human Rights Watch on Thursday condemned videos on social media showing Iraqi forces killing and beating captured men suspected of being ISIS militants in Mosul. 

It was reported that a British ISIS marksman dubbed 'the sniper of the caliphate' 'has been shot dead in Iraq.

Gunmen ambushed an Egyptian security checkpoint on Friday, opening fire on a car and killing five policemen in al-Badrasheen area of Giza province, 30 kilometers south of Cairo.

Six female tourists have been stabbed to death in Hurghada holiday resort.

Two Israeli police officers were gunned down by three Palestinian gunmen near the Temple Mount. All three terrorists were killed in the gun battle.

US and local forces have raided a rebel-held village in southern Somalia, Kunya-Barrow, and killed several al-Shabab extremists.

Experts have warned US legislators that al-Qaeda is getting more active in the Indian subcontinent, has cells mostly in Afghanistan, and is flourishing in Bangladesh.

On the International security front, it was reported that French President, Emmanuel Macron’s, government announced significant cuts to France's defense budget this year. The decision caused anger among French military leaders whose forces are already overstretched by foreign commitments in places like Syria and Mali. Today is Bastille Day in France, its national holiday, and we may see ISIS act out tonight in French cities. Today is one year to the day of the ISIS-inspired Nice vehicle attack that killed 86 people and wounded 458 others.

It was reported that a year after the July 15, 2016, coup attempt, Turkey’s military has faced massive purges that has scene highly professional secular military leaders replaced by political patronage appointments loyal to the President and his party.

Russia has threatened to expel US diplomats over the seizure by the Obama administration of two Russian diplomatic compounds in New York and Maryland a year ago.

The Trump administration frustrated with the Chinese inaction to rein in North Korea, has prepared new sanctions on small Chinese banks and other firms doing business with Pyongyang.

A Chinese spy ship has been sailing in international waters off the coast of Alaska for several days, having first arrived in the area before the recent successful Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile test.

According to the US think tank “38 North” new thermal images of North Korea's main nuclear site show that it may have reprocessed more plutonium than previously thought to enlarge its nuclear weapons stockpile. A report by US-based nuclear expert Siegfried Hecker published last September estimated North Korea had stockpiles of 32 to 54 kilograms (70 to 119 pounds) of plutonium, enough for six to eight bombs. 

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