China’s Naval Flotilla Around the Carrier Liaoning May Move to Shadow US-Japan-India Exercises in th

China’s Naval Flotilla Around the Carrier Liaoning May Move to Shadow US-Japan-India Exercises in the Indian Ocean

A 35-year-old Toronto man, Michael Storms, arrested after taking three women hostages last month, was previously caught on RCMP surveillance talking with a member of a Pakistani terrorist group about bullets. Storms was reportedly an “acquaintance” of (Islamic State) ISIS-linked Muhammad Aqeeq Ansari, a Pakistani national Canada deported two years ago on the grounds he was a terrorist group member.

ISIS has claimed credit for the recent unsuccessful attacks in Belgium and Paris that left only the attackers dead.

ISIS has lost now 70 percent of the territory it occupied in Iraq and 51 percent in Syria.

Abu Haitham al-Obaidi, The ISIS Deputy Mayor of the Iraqi town of Hawija has declared himself the new leader of ISIS following credible reports that ISIS Supreme leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is dead. Observers are concerned that the group may fragment into a series of vicious splinter groups, engage in what amounts to civil war or rejoin a rejuvenated al-Qaeda.

It was reported that a car with six people, including a senior government official, was hijacked by suspected al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab militants in Kenya's coastal Lamu.

A suspected US drone strike has reportedly targeted and killed a gathering of ISIS militants in eastern Kunar province, killing 11 fighters, including four commanders.

Meanwhile on the International security front, the Trump administration has put forward more than two dozen objections to the House’s 2018 Defense Policy Bill, including a new Space branch of the US military.

US President, Donald Trump, is in Paris for Bastille Day and to hold Discussions with French President, Emmanuel Macron, on counter-terrorism.

In a worrying sign for both NATO and the EU, Turkey has agreed to pay $2.5 billion to acquire Russia’s most advanced S-400 missile defense system.

Zambian President, Edgar Lungu, is expected to revoke emergency powers before they expire in 90 days if there is an end to the "acts of sabotage."

US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has finished talks with the King of Saudi Arabia and other officials from Arab countries lined up against Qatar on Wednesday with no sign of a diplomatic breakthrough.

The Chinese navy flotilla built around China's only aircraft carrier, Liaoning, has embarked on a new training mission and is passing Taiwan’s air identification zone. There is some thought that it might move South to shadow the joint Japanese, India and US exercises on the Eastern edge of the Indian Ocean where it meets the South China Sea.

China has claimed that it is abiding by UN sanctions on North Korea but Beijing’s trade with Pyongyang has risen by 10.5 percent in the first half of the year.

North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong-un and his wife hosted a banquet honoring the developers of the Hwasong-14 Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) recently tested.

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