Trudeau Government Hands al-Qaeda and the Islamic State Victory and Propaganda That They Can Bank On

Trudeau Government Hands al-Qaeda and the Islamic State Victory and Propaganda That They Can Bank On

As per yesterday’s blog post, on the terrorism front, the Trudeau Liberal government has handed jihadi forces, particularly, al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (ISIS) their second straight strategic military victory. The first strategic victory was Canada’s unilateral withdraw of its CF-18 fight-bomber aircraft from Iraq because the Trudeau government wanted to concentrate on ‘soft power’ and distancing itself from the US-led Coalition fighting to regain Iraq from ISIS. This is the Prime Minister who went to a Mosque in support of an organization founded by the Muslim Brotherhood at a time when there were discussions about banning it in Canada, and the US. Keeping in mind, that this is the Government that refused to utter the word “genocide” when the Islamic State was actively carrying out just that, a genocide in Syria and Iraq.

The second strategic victory handed to al-Qaeda, ISIS and Islamic extremist everywhere was the Trudeau government decision to apologize to former al-Qaeda fighter Omar Khadr for his time in captivity at Guantanamo Bay, reported abuse, and awarding him 10.5 million dollars in compensation. The Canadian government in doing so, made it clear that the Islamic extremist were right to fight us and our allies in Afghanistan, and that you could leave Canada as a jihadi and return and be rewarded. Khadr, a member of an infamous Canadian terror family close to the al-Qaeda and Taliban leadership killed an unarmed US medic, Christopher Speer, in a firefight in Afghanistan in 2002, and gravely wounded another soldier. He was taken prisoner by US forces in Afghanistan, under NATO auspices, in a mission mandated by the UN.

Then, there was today’s news, that in the dark of night, with no warning, with Parliament not sitting and the Prime Minister out of the country at the G-20, the Prime Minister’s ‘minions’ at home transferred the money to Omar Khadr. Those very same ‘minions’ of the Liberal government bragged to the media that they had to do it quickly, and quietly, before the late Sergeant Christopher Speer’s widow could intervene legally based on a court judgement in her favor in the United States. As well, the government moved to block the soldier severely wounded with Sergeant Spears from seeking compensation from Omar Khadr. In so bragging, the government has further made the point that the War in Afghanistan was wrong, and that we have turned our backs on our American allies. The fact that this came out on July 4th was just as intentional as North Korea’s missile launch to ‘poke America in the eye.’ Mr. Trudeau by his actions has handed the Islamic extremist one victory, after another, even as ISIS faces defeat in Iraq and Syria. This reprehensible move by the Trudeau government also has the effect of breaking faith with our 30,000 plus troops that served in Afghanistan, and our allies.

On a final note, it is worth remembering that in September of 2015 two Canadians and two others were kidnapped as tourists by ISIS-linked Abu Sayyaf militants in Sulu, the Southern Philippines. Abu Sayyaf true to form demanded a ransom for their freedom and threatened to kill John Ridsdel and Robert Hall unless their terrorist demands were met. The Trudeau government refused to ransom them from the terrorists or to have them ransomed by a third party because Trudeau would not negotiate with terrorists. Our Special Forces, among the best in the world, were ready to go, and to get the hostages back, and the Trudeau government did nothing. Very sadly, both innocent men were later killed in April, and September of 2016. Trudeau would not negotiate with terrorists, or pay a ransom for Canadian citizen’s freedom. But the Trudeau government have now paid Omar Khadr $10.5 million dollars.

The Islamic State and al-Qaeda, and their propagandists, are taking it all to the bank in their next recruiting videos and media.

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