Day Before Canada Day Man with Machete Arrested Outside of Bieber Concert in Britain

British Police Arrested A Man With A Machete Outside A Justin Bieber Concert 

As Canada Starts Canada Day Weekend On the terrorism front, US national, Justin Sullivan, was sentenced to life in prison for planning to commit mass murder in support of the Islamic State (ISIS) in North Carolina. A domestic-terrorism expert has said that the North Carolina probes are among some 1,000 active FBI investigations into ISIS-related threats in all 50 states.

British police arrested a man armed with a machete near a stadium in Cardiff just hours before a Justin Bieber concert. The Nice airport has been evacuated because of a reported terrorism threat after a piece of luggage was found abandoned. Last summer in Nice, an ISIS-inspired fanatic killed 86 people after he ran a truck into crowds of people celebrating Bastille Day. Terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel zig-zagged through crowds watching the annual fireworks for more than a mile before opening fire at men, women and children.

A man has been arrested in Paris after attempting to ram a car into pedestrians outside of a Mosque to avenge ISIS attacks in Paris. No one was injured in the attack. Israeli aircraft bombed Syrian Army positions after another shell fell on Israeli territory from Southern Syria.

Aleppo Province is Syria has been cleared of ISIS forces.

US-backed Syrian Democratic Front forces have surrounded the ISIS-held city of Raqqa in Syria after cutting off the terrorist escape route. The Iraqi government has claimed victory with the capture of a destroyed al-Nuri mosque in ISIS’ de facto Iraqi capital of Mosul.

NATO announced it will send troops to Afghanistan to aid the Afghan military in its fight against a resurgent Taliban and now ISIS. This surge yet undefined in non-US NATO numbers comes three years after NATO ended combat operations there are reverted to a training mission. The US has previously announced a surge of 5000 solders. The Taliban now control 40-50 percent of the country again.

On the international security front, total defense expenditures by NATO members in Europe and Canada are estimated to rise in 2017 by 4.3 percent in overall spending by non-US NATO members.

The German National Security Council has approved the $1.5 billion sale to Israel of three more advanced, conventionally-powered Dolphin attack submarines reportedly equipped to carry missiles armed with nuclear warheads.

The US has announced a massive arms deal for Taiwan, worth up to $1.3 billion, and the package includes: Early Warning Radar Surveillance Technical Support ($400 million); AGM-154C Joint Stand-off Weapon (JSOW) ($185.5 million); AGM-88 High-Speed Anti-Radiation (HARM) Missiles ($147.5 million); MK 48 6AT Heavy Weight Torpedoes ($250 million); MK 46 to MK-54 Torpedo Upgrade ($175 million); SM-2 Missile Components ($125 million) and; AN/SLQ-32A Electronic Warfare (EW) Shipboard Suite Upgrade ($80 million). The US government said the weapons offer does not reflect any change in the long-standing “One China” policy but it comes the Trump administration continues to rely on China to pressure North Korea.

The Trump administration issued a new round of sanctions against two Chinese citizens, a Chinese shipping company, and a Chinese bank for their ties to North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. The new sanctions prohibit the Bank of Dandong, Dalian Global Unity Shipping, and two Chinese nationals, Sun Wei and Li Hong Ri, from conducting business with US-linked companies and individuals.

Japanese F-35s are expected to field the Joint Strike Missile (JSM), an extremely stealthy, long-range, high precision weapon, that can fly just a few yards above the ground to deliver its 500-pound warhead. US F-16s in South Korea are expected to get long-range Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missiles (JASSMs) that can hit targets like North Korean mobile missile launchers from 200 miles away.

US President Donald Trump met with South Korean President, Moon Jae-in in Washington, DC to discuss a range of issues topped by North Korea. US President, Donald Trump, warned today that 'patience is over' with North Korea. North Korea’s state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), criticized “South Korean puppet military warmongers” who they said were provoking their northern neighbor’s armed forces with a series of recent military drills conducted with the US and Japan. The US has maintained two carrier strike groups and built-up military assets in the region pressure Kim Jong-un to abandon his nuclear ambitions and long-range ballistic missile programs.

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