Anti-Republican Activist Opened Fire on Members of the Republic Congress As West Braced Against ISIS

At Home, the Congressional, U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, has warned that the Trudeau government’s dangerously irresponsible decision to allow a Chinese takeover of a Canadian high-tech company Norsat that sells satellite-communication systems to the US military jeopardizes US national security. The Commission further cautioned that the Trudeau government appears to be willing to sacrifice national-security interests of its most important ally in exchange for obtaining a bilateral free-trade deal with China. Norsat’s military customers include: the US Department of Defense; the US Marine Corps; the US Army; Boeing; NATO; Ireland’s Department of Defense and; the Taiwanese Army. Norsat is also reportedly developing portable receivers for the new US-led Wideband Global Satellite system, to provide secure wide-bandwidth communications for a series of military projects including the F-35 fighter fleet. Canada has been requested by NATO to send police trainers and mentors back to Afghanistan.

On the domestic and international terror front, James T. Hodgkinson, an anti-Republican activist and Democratic Party Supporter, opened fire on members of the Republic Congress practicing for a charity baseball game this morning at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria, Virginia. The Chief Republican Whip, Rep. Steve Scalise, R-Louisiana, and four others were wounded and the shooter is reportedly in dead. Scalise is in the US chain of succession should anything happen to the President. The shooting occurred just seven miles from the White House and appears politically motivated domestic act of terror.

Al Qaeda has reportedly called upon its supporters to start massive forest fires in the Continental US this summer in the latest edition of the group’s propaganda magazine, “Inspire.” The article entitled “It is of your Freedom to Ignite a Firebomb” urges terrorist to target Montana because of the rapid population growth in wooded areas.

Kurdish forces have arrested a British Muslim convert dubbed “Jihadi Jack”, who joined Islamic State (ISIS) terror group in Syria.

Britain has reportedly deployed undercover armed members of its Special Air Service (SAS) to city streets to counter terrorists. France has launched a judicial inquiry into the Franco-Swiss cement company LafargeHolcim for indirectly funding ISIS in Syria to keep a plant running during the war.

It was reported that Germany continued to pay welfare money to a radicalized Jihadist who went off to fight for ISIS in Syria for nearly a year. Eduard A. and his wife left Wolfsburg for Syria in the autumn of 2014 and cashed in nearly 20,000 euros worth of benefits, unemployment money, child support and care allowances. German authorities had them on a watch list and suspected them of plotting a domestic act of terror.

As US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have reportedly made swift progress since entering Raqqa last week. Satellite images taken May 20th show that the militants had erected relatively few defenses on the road to the Old City which has walls dating back to the 8th Century. US-backed Iraqi government forces on Tuesday reported progress in the campaign to retake Mosul, from ISIS announcing the capture of a district just north the city's historic center. With the loss of the Zanjili neighborhood, the enclave still held by ISIS has shrunk to two districts along the western banks of the Tigris river.

Shiite militia leader, Ayyub Faleh Hassan al-Rubaie nicknamed “Archangel of Death” for his ruthless attacks on ISIS is said to be preparing to move into Syria to fight the terror group.

Iranian security forces killed three members of a Sunni Muslim terrorist group Ansar al-Furqan in the city of Chabahar in southeast Iran on Wednesday and arrested five others. One member of the security forces was also killed. The Sistan and Baluchestan Province-based terror group has threatened to carry out suicide attacks in revenge for the government executing Sunni prisoners.

US President, Donald J. Trump has given Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis, the authority to determine troop levels in Afghanistan, opening the door to a new ramp-up of US forces there. Tuesday, Secretary Mattis warned Congress that the US and its allies were “not winning” in Afghanistan. Mattis promised to deliver a new military strategy for Afghanistan to Congress by mid-July. Meanwhile a US drone strike has killed, Abubakar, commander of the deadly Taliban and al-Qaeda-linked Haqqani network in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's Hangu district. The Taliban continues to deny responsibility in the May 31st suicide truck bombing that killed more than 150 Afghans in Kabul’s diplomatic zone and wounded hundreds more.

US troops are reportedly on the ground near Marawi City in the southern Philippines, but are not involved in fighting ISIS-affiliated Maute militants.

On the international security front, French President, Emmanuel Macron, has said in a joint press conference with British Prime Minister, Theresa May, that the door is still open for Britain remaining in the European Union.

US intelligence reportedly passed Britain’s MI6 high-grade intelligence indicating that Russian financier, and Putin nemesis, Alexander Perepilichnyy, was likely "assassinated on direct orders from Putin or people close to him.” A highly classified report on Russian State-Directed assassinations compiled for the US Congress by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence last year reportedly asserts with “high confidence” that Perepilichnyy’s murder was sanctioned by Putin.

Russia’s upcoming joint military exercise, Zapad or “West” 2017 with Belarus, which simulates a full-scale conflict with the West, is expected to place 100,000 troops near the borders of Baltic States. Scheduled for the Fall, this year’s Zapad will be the first since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.

Japan has warned Russia not to conduct marine surveys or resource exploration within Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone without permission.

The Emirati Ambassador has warned that the US should consider moving its air base out of Qatar pushing the Trump administration to use its leverage to further pressure Qatar over alleged support for Islamic extremism. US Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis, cautioned on Tuesday that the crisis in Qatar could be a sign of Russia “trying to break any kind of multilateral alliance ... that is a stabilizing influence in the world.” He went on to note that he has not seen any sign that Russia wants to be friends with the US and the West.

An Iranian warship had shined a spotlight and laser at an American military helicopter accompanying the destroyer USS Cole and amphibious assault ship USS Bataan, sailing through the strategic Strait of Hormuz during the nigh Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is deploying the Buk-M3 missile defense system in eastern Siberia in response to concerns over North Korea. Deployment of the highly mobile, multifunctional mid-range air defense missile system will be in Ulan-Ude, capital of the Republic of Buryatia in Siberia. The Buk-M3 can reportedly countering cruise missiles, theatre ballistic missiles, aircrafts and helicopters.

Otto Warmbier, a 22-year-old American student was flown home to Cincinnati yesterday reportedly in a coma. He was arrested, tried on trumped up charges and subjected to horrendous physical mistreatment by North Korean authorities. He is one of four American citizens that are held by North Korea as hostages. 

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