ISIS Warns Manchester Suicide Attack First of Many on Crusader Soil: Canada Named

ISIS Warns Manchester Suicide Attack First of Many on Crusader Soil: Canada Named

The Islamic State (ISIS) continues to push its Ramadan Offensive and has warned that the Manchester suicide attack that killed 22 people mostly women and children was just the first of many attacks on “crusader soil.”

Eight men remain in custody about the Manchester terror attack, four men remain held by authorities for the London Bridge and Borough Market attack that killed 8 and wounded dozens, and three more men were detained in British police raids today in London.

ISIS Nashir News Agency has warned Muslims to stay away from markets and public gatherings in Canada, the US, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Italy, Australia and Russia. The news agency further warned that ISIS fighters would use explosives vehicles and cutting people’s heads off to kill crusaders. Experts have warned that ISIS wants to drive a wedge between Islam and Western democratic societies and to launch a civil war between the various branches of Islam particularly, with Shia Islam. With the Canada Day weekend weeks away Canadians and their security services should remain vigilant.

As ISIS increasingly appears to be on the brink of military defeat in Raqqa and Mosul, it murdered 231 fleeing civilians in Mosul. While some 15 members of ISIS were found bound and shot in the back of the head near Mosul. The UN is reportedly investigating a US-led airstrike on May 31st that may have killed 80 civilians.

Iran has vowed revenge against ISIS and Saudi Arabia over yesterday’s suicide and gun attacks on its Parliament and shrine to Ayatollah Khomeini. The attacks left 13 dead and 43 wounded. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack targeting Al Qaeda’s cozy relationship with the Iranian government.

The Al Qaeda-linked Al Shabab has raided a military base in Af Urur, Somalia, killing 70 people and wounding dozens more.

The global security environment remains concerning. A bomb was thrown over the wall near the US Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine. There are no reports of injuries. But it is likely from one of the parties engaged in the Ukraine Civil War.

Russian MiG-31 fighter aircraft intercepted of a Norwegian P-3 Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft over the Barents Sea.

Germany has announced that it will withdraw its military forces from Turkey’s Incirlik air base in a continuing diplomatic spat sparked by the coup that threatens Turkey’s relationship with the European Union and NATO.

North Korea test-fired what are believed to be four land-based anti-ship cruise missiles that flew some 200 kilometers before landing in the Sea of Japan. Three landed near the Japanese Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) while a fourth landed nearer the Russia EEZ.

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