The ‘Leader of the Free World’ is back, rogue powers, consider yourself on notice! In the last 48 hours, US President, Donald J Trump, sent a message to not only Syria, but to Russia, Iran, China and North Korea.

On Thursday night, as President Trump was hosting Chinese President, Xi Jinping, the USS Porter and USS Ross, in the Mediterranean Sea, launched 59 Tomahawk Land Attack Cruise Missiles at the Shayrat Air Base in Syria. The US intelligence community believes that the aircraft that fired sarin armed missiles into the Syrian-rebel held town of Khan Sheikhun and killed 80 people on Tuesday was based at Shayrat Air Base. The air base was also home to Russian Special Operation Forces and some aircraft. The Americans reportedly gave the Russians a heads up before the strikes went in to avoid Russian casualties. Shayrat was also home to the Syrian Air Force’s 7th Wing which lost 20 percent of its strength in the American strikes, a refueling facility was also destroyed, but it appears that the runways are still intact. The Trump administration was warned that there could be further military action directed at the Assad regime in Syria.

The Russians are reportedly furious, called an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, and with Iran and Syria, condemned the US cruise missile strikes on Syria as aggression. Russia warned the US on Friday that further US military strikes on Syria could have "extremely serious" consequences, and in a return of classic gunboat diplomacy moved a Russian frigate into the Mediterranean to steam towards the USS Porter and USS Ross. Now British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has cancelled his trip to Russia in solidarity with the US. The cruise missile strikes were the biggest decision and foreign policy test of the Trump Presidency to date, and are a clear warning of his administration’s character, confidence, and resolve. With North Korea getting ready, by all accounts, to carry out a nuclear test or tests, it was a message that has direct implications for Kim Jong-un. Can you imagine how the Chinese President felt when he got the news at the Trump estate in Florida?

Very clearly, President Trump, has demonstrated that there is only one Superpower, and it is the United States. As we have said before, Trump is not Obama, and rogue states need to beware.

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