Will Trudeau Protect Canada and Uphold Ban on 50 Terrorist Groups or Buckle?

Hamas has developed a powerful new short range rocket with a heavy payload similar to Hezbollah missiles to target Israeli communities along territory controlled by the outlawed terrorist organization in Gaza. If you have not read Stewart Bell’s article entitled, “Ontario-based relief group linked to Hamas heads to court to get off Canada’s terrorist list” in the National Post then please do so, our country’s national security is at stake. 


The border with Israel was closed yesterday after a senior Hamas commander Mazen Fuqaha was gunned down in Gaza City by persons unknown. Hamas immediately blamed the Israeli Mossad even though we have seen considerable evidence that there have been a series of inter-terror organization assassinations in the region by rivals struggling for power in specific terror groups. Most interestingly US President, Donald J. Trump, is said to be considering a decision to label the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist entity but that it is reportedly currently on hold. The Muslim Brotherhood reportedly enjoyed considerable influence when President Obama was in office on several issues including foreign policy. The organization was founded in Egypt in the 1920s and is extremely anti-Israel and has spawned terrorist groups like Hamas. Interestingly, the Muslim Brotherhood is banned as a terrorist organization in Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

This brings us back to the Ontario-based charity group, the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy (IRFAN), in Stewart Bell’s excellent article. International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy is fighting to have Canada’s list of banned terrorist entities struck down in the Federal Court as unconstitutional. The IRFAN has claimed in the past to have done charity work in support of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. But Revenue Canada found that IRFAN had channeled considerable monies to Hamas, was a part of Hamas international fundraising network, and found anti-Israel propaganda in their offices. In 2011, the IRFAN lost their charity status under our tax laws due to their ties to the Hamas terror organization. In 2014, IRFAN was listed as a terrorist entity by the Harper government and it went to court to fight the designation. Now it has gone to the Federal Court to have the listing of terrorist entities declared unconstitutional including, but not limited to: Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

This presents a real clear and present danger to Canadian society there are more than 50 outlawed or banned terrorist organizations in Canada https://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/ntnl-scrt/cntr-trrrsm/lstd-ntts/crrnt-lstd-ntts-en.aspx from the doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo to the Islamic State and if they are legally allowed to operate in Canada we have a real problem on our hands. We have already seen that our current Trudeau government is soft on defence, lax on border security, and can barely bring itself to discuss terrorism. Now it has to go to the Federal Court, to not just protect Canada from Hamas and its Canadian accused fundraising arm, but the federal government has to protect us from all 50 or so listed terrorist organizations. The impact of taking a ‘sunny ways approach’ to this Federal Court case should not be underestimated and every law abiding and caring Canadian should be concerned. We do not need the Islamic State or Al Qaeda to operate in Canada as legal entities that can fundraise, recruit and to train to carryout terrorist acts abroad. It is important to note that in 2012 our current Prime Minister, then a Liberal leadership contender looking for party support, was to speak at a conference in Toronto, and defended his decision to do so, even though it was linked to Hamas and sponsored by IRFAN. http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/sponsor-of-upcoming-islamic-event-featuring-justin-trudeau-lost-charitable-status-due-to-hamas-link At the time, Trudeau’s participation was challenged by both the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and the Muslim Canadian Congress. In December Canada’s Minister of Public Safety upheld IRFAN’s listing on the banned terrorist entities list. So Prime Minister Trudeau, now that it is all 50 terrorist groups that stand to be delisted, what are you and your government going to do to protect the ‘just society’?

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