An Ugly Week of Terrorist Attacks Seemingly Unnoticed by Trudeau

This past week has been a particularly ugly one on the terrorism front in Europe, and elsewhere, but you would not know it by the Trudeau government’s approach to security.

On Saturday, Ziyed Ben Belgacem, an Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)-inspired, Tunisian national, assaulted a French soldier at Orly Airport in Paris to steal her rifle before he was shot dead by French security forces. On Wednesday, a British-born, self-radicalized, ISIS-inspired terrorist, Khalid Masood, attacked Westminster Bridge and the British Parliament buildings running down 29 people on the bridge with a truck and killing three. Masood then stabbed and killed British police constable, Keith Palmer, as he tried to storm the Parliamentary estate armed with a knife before being shot dead by police. The attack came on the anniversary of last year’s attacks in Brussels subway and airport that left 32 dead and over 300 injured. A day later, on Thursday, in Antwerp, Belgium, a Tunisian man was detained and charged with terrorism offences after he had driven at high speed to a Meir shopping market in Antwerp. Mohamed R., 39, was charged with attempted murder and gun offences in the terrorism context although he was stopped in his assault before anyone was injured. The terror suspect was found with knives, a shotgun, and a gas can containing an unknown liquid inside the vehicle. As well, former Russian Communist Member of Parliament Denis Voronenkov, a vocal critic of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, was assassinated in downtown Kiev, Ukraine, and his bodyguards injured in what has been described as a targeted killing and likely, state-sponsored terror killing. Then on Friday, six Russian soldiers were killed in an ISIS claimed attack on a military facility in Chechnya. Further, Diallo Mamadou, Libyan national, ISIS-inspired, attacked a police checkpoint in Foggia, Italy, with a trucking running down one police officer before stabbing a second. He was then arrested by Italian police patrol. Additionally, Friday evening a ISIS-terrorist carried out a suicide bomb attack on a security checkpoint at the Dhaka international airport in Bangladesh killing himself in the attack. Not to be outdone, Al Qaeda killed the son of Yemen’s Deputy Interior Minister in Zinjibar, Yemen, in a rocket propelled gr enade attack on his car. His wife, son, and daughter were also injured.

Meanwhile at home, it appears that the Trudeau government continues to ignore the flow of illegal migrants across our border from the United States and elsewhere. Similarly, the Trudeau government seems to have completely ignored intelligence provided by the United States relating to an electronic travel ban in civilian airliner cabins, on electronic devices larger than a cellphone, on flights originating from Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates due to ISIS and Al Qaeda. The United Kingdom took similar steps banning electronics larger than a cellphone in passenger jet cabins from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia. Canada said it would review the matters even after the United States Secretary of Homeland Security recently warned that there had been several terror plots to bring down American and Air Canada flights. There has been no announcement to date about whether, or not, Canada will follow its closest allies on the electronics ban due to the terror threat. The Trudeau regime ignored the United States’ call for NATO alliance members to increase defense spending to the agreed upon NATO standard of two percent, funding for the on-going Iraq mission, and funding for its own Defence Review when it brought in another Federal budget with no planned increase for further defence funding. Trudeau’s own statement on the London terrorist attack, in six paragraphs, used the term “terrorism” once in its final paragraph. By contrast, it mentions the term “attack” eight times, including in the title, without ever saying what kind of attack it was.

Lastly, it emerged this week in a video, that a guest speaker at a Montreal area mosque in December of 2016, called on the mosque membership to kill Jews in an event that has sparked outrage in both the Muslim, and larger Canadian society. Trudeau and his government remain silent.

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