Deterrence under Trump strengthened not weakened

I must admit that I am bewildered by the Atomic Scientists' decision to move the so-called Dooms Day Clock thirty seconds forward to two-and -half minutes toward midnight.

See here:

By this action they are saying that the world has become more unstable and more likely to collide into a nuclear war. The Atomic Scientists make this assessment based in large part due to comments by President Trump that he would rebuild the United States nuclear arsenal and that he might deploy it. China and North Korea got a mention along with climate change, but strangely no mention of Russia.

I would have thought that deterrence is strengthened by strong leadership in Trump and his national security team and that otherwise sabre rattling, cavalier, potential strategic opponents like China, North Korea, and Iran might take notice and be more cautious.

Nixon once acted reckless on Henry Kissinger's advice to make his opponents nervous. It gave him negotiating space. Deterrence was strengthened, not weakened. A militarily strong United States is a good thing for world stability. China, Iran, North Korea take notice.


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