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Canada's foremost advisor in defence diplomacy and strategic intelligence welcomes visitors from around the world, including Canada, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Venezuela, Guatemala, Uruguay, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Jamaica, Aruba, Cayman Islands, St. Lucia, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Serbia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Estonia,Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Jordan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, Japan, Macau, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Algeria, Tunisia, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, Macedonia, Republic of Congo, Qatar, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Philippines, Singapore and Japan to


Joe Varner has appeared on Canadian TV and Radio and has written extensively in Canadian publications such as CP24, CTV, 1310 News, 580 CFRA, the Macdonald-Laurier Institute and the Canadian Naval Review among others.

Advisor and subject matter expert in strategic intelligence, military operations, counter-terrorism, emergency disaster management, risk and diplomacy. 

Provider of advice, research, media commentary on intelligence, military operations, counter-terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, defence and foreign policy, U.S., NATO, Asia, and Persian Gulf.

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December 24, 2019

The Minister of National Defence's mandate letter from Prime Minister Trudeau specifies NORAD modernization as a priority without dedicated money in the $4-5 billion range and without policy cover in "Strong, Secure, and Engaged." Few people believe that the government will act on the requirement and even fewer believe that we will play the game without coming to terms with the US on Missile Defense. We have entered a time for...

June 13, 2019

This morning, two oil Tankers, one Norwegian-owned Front Altair and other one the Japanese-owned Kokura Courageous were attacked in the Gulf of Oman. The Front Altair is burning, adrift, and evacuated and the other Kokura Courageous damaged, adrift, and evacuated. They appear to have been mined or hit with some other explosive device and in at least one case, several times. This follows attacks with mines on four Tankers a mon...

March 3, 2019

Today Russian Defense Minister, General Sergei Shoigu, updated the Board of the Russian Defense Ministry on conventional ground force modernization and reorganization in the NATO theatre of operations.

  • Sergei Shoigu stressed that “at present, it is characterized by increased competition between world centers of power, increased uncertainty factors, bursts of instability and violence in different regions of the planet, and a...

February 27, 2019

While it is occupied with its nuclear summit with North Korea, the Trump administration needs to tell both India and Pakistan that it is watching them closely, and that they need to show restraint with each other in both the conventional and nuclear realm. 

Recent events and provocations by Pakistan such as the deadly Pakistan-backed Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terrorist bombing attack on Indian forces in the disputed Kashmir and In...

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